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AYO Mariage SA
11 rue du Conseil-Général, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Phone :+41 22 436 87 34
email : geneve@ayo-mariage.ch

Limited Company
VAT : CHE-457.126.646

Website design and development
Isweb: http://isweb.mx

Romina Shama
Thierry Lebraly
Letizia Le Fur
Lili Renée
Emanuela Cino
Alex Crétey Systermans
Laurent Nivalle
Bruno Riva
Laurence Revol
Emanuela Cino
Chloé Lapeyssonnie

Terms and conditions 

1- The price of the ordered dress is payable in one time at the order or in three times: 50% at the order, 30% at the second fitting, 20% at the fitting before delivery. Short dresses are payable at once at the order. 2- In case of cancellation of the order the deposits already paid will not be returned. Any dress order passed by a customer is considered firm and definitive from the settlement of the deposit. 3 – The designer and brand with whom the order has been made retains the entire property of the products until their full and effective payment. 4 – The customer undertakes his own responsibility when ordering a dress whose size does not correspond to the customer’s measurements but has been expressly requested by the customer. The customer can not under any circumstances turn against AYO Mariage SA or the creator of the order. 5 – The order from the designer is passed only from the moment the payment of the first installment of 50% of the amount has been received, or the total amount according to the customer’s preference, including bank payment. Three fittings are proposed, the last being intended for an ultimate verification for delivery. 6 – The retouches deemed necessary during the first and second fittings are included in the price of long models. The modifications that would be requested by the customer – and that would not be related to an error of the workshop or AYO Mariage SA – during the last fitting will be the subject of an estimate prepared by the seamstress of AYO Mariage SA which will then be submitted to the client. If the latter is not accepted by the client, the client is free, once the purchase made, to make the adjustments with his own seamstress. 7 – In the event that the customer’s measurements change significantly between taking measurements between the order and receiving, AYO Mariage SA will do its best to make the necessary adjustments. However, the dress being made to the initial measures we can not guarantee that the dress can be adjusted to the new measures of the customer. 8 – In order to ensure optimum service for all our clients, appointments must be respected. In case of absolute necessity, appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance. 9 – Means of payment accepted: cash; Maestro, VPay, MasterCard, Visa card payment; bank transfer. 10 – For the 2nd and 3rd installment, if the payment is not made within 15 days from the due date, the customer is put in default. In this case, AYO Mariage SA reserves the right to charge the customer, in addition to the amount of the invoice, a reminder fee of CHF 50.00 from the second reminder sent. The unpaid amount of the invoice (default interest and callback costs included) may be assigned or sold for collection. In addition to the payment of the invoice amount, the customer is obliged to reimburse all costs arising from late payment.


AYO Mariage est définitivement fermé.

Très belle continuation à toutes les mariées !

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