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Maison Floret

Maison Floret


After studying drawing and art history, Sidonie joined Lolita Lempicka’s studio in 2005. She then moved onto design classes at the Studio Berçot in Paris. After graduating, she worked for various fashion houses like Bonpoint or Martine Sitbon, as a designer or model maker, before launching her own bridal range in 2008.
Sidonie’s designs explore beautiful nuances of whites and colored greys. Partially inspired by menswear, she succeeds in showcasing the natural beauty of the bride by using structural but flowing lines.


With both a Master’s degree in business and the life of investment banker in London in the past, Sarah decided to explore her entrepreneurial side. Being passionate about fashion, her first meeting with Sidonie and discovering her light and edgy style was a decisive moment. Sidonie and Sarah were a perfect match and with that Maison Floret was born.

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