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Carolina Otaduy was born in San Sebastian and her restless nature has inspired her to travel around the world and to live in New York, where she came up with the idea to launch her own bridal fashion firm: Otaduy.

With her highly personal aesthetically universe, which combines the non-conformist spirit of grunge with an appreciation for beauty in all its shapes and forms and the ability to detect the latest trends, Carolina has always stood out for her creativity. After studying advertising and working at an indie music producer for years (music is one of her great passions), she launched Otaduy in 2011. Through this highly personal project she, as a designer, has created her own world imbued with her sensitivity and bravery, her search for calm and fascination with risk. She loves surfing and yoga, nature and the beating hearts of cities, and her designs, like her, are full of nuance and created with strong yet sensitive women in mind.


Otaduy creates a new concept of different and original wedding dresses. Inspired by music, films and art, the dresses are specially designed for brides who just want to be themselves on their wedding day. Every Otaduy collection is unique with its own soul and own body. Caroline Otaduy got inspired by different moments, experiences and her own deep feeling so as to create them. She always maintains the brand personality and its particular sources of inspiration. Sometimes it ́s so simple, as drinking coffee from a glass, putting on red lipsticks before going for a movie or cycling while listening to music on a soft spring night. Otaduy is a brand of wedding dresses in continuous evolution but in the meantime, never stops being loyal to itself.

Handmade with love.

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